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Keelboat Handicapping at MHYC

Middle Harbour Yacht Club uses a number of different handicapping systems to provide enjoyable and competitive racing for its members who sail a variety of different boats.  



The International Rating Certificate is a measurement rating rule to handicap different designs of keelboats allowing them to race together.  A rating is not altered between races according to the individual boat’s performance but is based on the physical measurements of the boat.

IRC handicapping is used for the premier classes in MHYC’s major regattas, the Sydney Short Offshore Racing Championship and Sydney Harbour Regatta.  It is also used for the MHYC Ocean Series and Inshore Series.

IRC requires measurements of the hull, appendages, rig and sails being undertaken by an accredited measurer, including weighing.  

Annual fees are calculated on boat length.


ORC Club

ORC Club (ORCc) is a simplified and less expensive version of the Offshore Racing Congress International rating system (ORCi) which is based on a complete boat measurement.  It is designed for club level racing up to national championship level. Both systems have the same rating and can be scored together in any races.  Measurements are self-declared by the owner.

ORCc uses the International Measurement System (IMS) as a measurement platform and the same Velocity Prediction Program (VPP) of ORCi to rate boats of different characteristics. With ORC Club, a boat’s handicap remains constant from week to week.

ORC Club handicapping is used for the Sydney Harbour Regatta Performance Spinnaker Divisions, Sydney Harbour Combined Clubs Inshore Series, the MHYC Inshore and Sprint Series, and the Women’s Twilight Series.

ORC Club New Application $45.00

ORC Club Revalidation Fee $90.00

ORC Club amendment fee $45.00

More detailed information about ORC Club at MHYC - click here



One Design Racing is where all boats are identical or similar in design. Class-legal boats race each other without any handicap calculations, start at the same time, and the winner is the first to cross the finish line.  One Design results are used for the Adams 10, J/24, Farr 40 and other identified classes in the Sydney Harbour Regatta, and for class sanctioned regattas.



The Performance Handicap System adjusts a boat’s handicap after each race based on the performance of that boat relative to other boats in that fleet. 

Entrants in each initial race in a series have a Time Correction Factor (TCF) allocated based upon the boat’s performance in a previous or similar series.  When the results are calculated for the initial race, a new TCF is generated for each boat for the next race.

PHS rewards consistent performance improvements and levels the playing field for older boats and less experienced crews. PHS is used for the Sydney Harbour Combined Clubs Inshore Series and for the MHYC Inshore and Sprint Series.



Pursuit Handicaps are generated through the Performance Handicap System and provide a time (in whole minutes) after the race start at which a boat is permitted to start. 

Pursuit start times are calculated by using:

•             the handicap (TCF) allocated to your boat

•             the estimated or average course length

•             the start time of the slowest boat in your division, and

•             a speed factor which is proprietary to SailSys

At the end of the race the TCF will be recalculated based on the boat’s elapsed time to sail the course and performance relative to the boats in its division. The new TCF that will be used to recalculate the boat’s start time for the next race.

Start times are rounded to whole minutes achieved by rounding up when the calculated time is greater than or equal to 30 seconds.

Pursuit Handicaps are used for the Pacific Rigging Wednesday Non-Spinnaker Series and the Flagstaff Marine Thursday Twilight Non-Spinnaker Series.  Pursuit Handicaps are allocated on a race-by-race basis for MHYC Feature Events and Charity and Corporate Regattas.


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