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Sandbar - Q & A

What is the Club trying to achieve with the Sandbar redevelopment?

We are aiming to provide an improved Bistro Style” food and beverage service amenity for the benefit of our members and guests to significantly improve our food and beverage service and facilities as well as take advantage of the magnificent marina location opening views and access to the sunny northern beach area. The new venue provides public access and with anticipated increased revenue aims to reduce the net cost of providing F&B services to our members.


What will it look like? 

See the attached concept drawings


What will the Sandbar offer and how will it operate once the initial kitchen upgrade is complete?

Bistro kitchen offering a fast casual dining experience open across seven (7) days with key meal period targeted at breakfast and lunch. Dinner service on key sailing days and extended trading hours during peak summer season and major events.

The menu will be ‘modern Australian’ and will be augmented with seasonal/daily specials in keeping with a Bistro style concept. We will continue to offer our fresh ready-made products for takeaway and more immediate dining.  See the Menu page on this site


What will be the level of service offering?

In keeping with a Bistro style environment patrons will ordering/paying at the counter and collect meals from the kitchen servery. The use of technology will allow patrons to order and make payment through their phone at their table.


What will happen with the old kitchen?

We will be looking to incorporate as much of the existing kitchen equipment and services into the Sandbar kitchen where possible. This will significantly reduce the overall build costs that would be associated with developing a kitchen of this standard. The old kitchen is initially being upgraded to service the new menu and most of the equipment re-employed in the new kitchen.


Are there any regulatory approvals needed for this part of the project?

Part of our project planning will be working through the appropriate regulatory requirements associated with this part of the project. Initial planning indication is that the project will fall within a standard Council Complying Development Consent process.  


When will the Sandbar project be completed?

The Sandbar project will be completed across two stages with the first stage currently underway with an expected completion date of late November 2021. The final stage is a new and expanded kitchen and servery, and updating the café counter and bar, currently in design and planning with an expected build and fit-out time of 10 weeks, with a target completion date by end February 2022. However, this part of the project cannot commence until funding arrangements and regulatory and other approvals have been put into place.


Who will operate the Sandbar, the Club has never been able to make the food & beverage work?  What about an outsourced operator?

The Clubs strategic decision to centralise the food and beverage through the Sandbar is not only based on providing members with an improved amenity but to provide an improved financial outcome for the Club. The Club will look to operate the outlet in the immediate to short-term but will evaluate the options of in-sourced versus an out-sourced operator bearing in mind the best interests of the Club.


How much is the redevelopment going to cost?

The first stage up to opening in late November 2021 will cost approximately $500,000 which includes structural repairs as well as façade maintenance which was required in any event.

The final stage with the new kitchen and improved café and bar is likely to cost in the order of $250,000 including structural modifications and a new awning. Other works including the rigging deck repairs will add around a further $90,000 to our fundraising target.


How will these costs be funded?

The work up to opening in November 2021 will be funded directly by the Club from existing cash resources. The final stage will need to be the paid for by the fundraising campaign with a target of $400,000 to provide sufficient funds as well as some contingency. Any surplus funds will be retained in the MHYC Foundation in the Revitalisation Fund to assist funding the cost of the major repairs to the Rigging Deck


What will be the benefits of the Stage 2 fund raising ?

This is a crucial part of the Club’s revitalisation program. The kitchen will be increased in size and new equipment installed to enable the Sandbar menu to be extended to provide a greater variety of food consistent with expectations of a quality Bistro. The café counters, bar and servery will be upgraded, a new cool room added and new weather clears will be provided on the southern wall .


What happens with the money should you not raise enough to undertake the project?

Without funding the final stage of the project cannot be completed. All funds raised through donations will be held within the MHYC Foundation until such time that we have the required project funding.


The awning over the old Sandbar is in poor condition, will it be replaced?

Yes, replacement of the awning is included as part of the overall renewal project programme, however the timeline on replacement will be subject to funding. The awning is functional in its present state but hopefully will be replaced over the next 12 months. 


What will happen with the upstairs area of the Club once we complete the Sandbar?

The Harbourview room will remain in its present form as a Club area and will be utilised for member events, functions and activities.  Our aim is to maximise the upstairs area available for commercial tenants and short term plans to house our administration office and staff while the renewal programme is in progress. The Commodores room and Quarterdeck to return to Club and members use within 12 months.



The new Sandbar will be a significant improvement to the amenity of your Club.

Sailors will have a delightful facility to meet and socialise before and after sailing.

Members will be proud to invite their friends to the Club socially. Members assistance is  needed to complete Stage 2 of the project. Donations are tax deductible when made through the Australian Sports Foundation.